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"...the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine." 
- Ezekiel 47:12

A Creator's Blessing is dedicated to Rene Caisse's legacy to make her herbal tea available at generic prices


We, at A Creator's Blessing, along with The Clouds Trust, the researchers of the Rene Caisse's herbal formula, and the friends of Rene Caisse, authors of "Essiac Essentials," are dedicated to Rene Caisse's legacy, continuing to make her formula available to everyone at reasonable prices. "Essiac Essentials" coauthors, Mali Klein and Sheila Snow, had unprecedented access to Rene Caisse's histories, allowing you to be sure you're getting this documented formula used by Rene Caisse.

We believe the integrity of Rene Caisse's Herbal Tea Formula should be maintained. Surprisingly enough, your inquiry into various suppliers (including some of the biggest names and dominant sellers) will reveal that many of those suppliers are using the less expensive, questionable, imported       herbs or the cheaper non-organic.

Certified Organic USA Growers
No sterilized, questionable, imported organics

Few sources are using the more EXPENSIVE USDA ORGANIC HERBS. In addition, some sources modify or add other ingredients to the documented formula in order to make claims of exclusivity, and to give the impression they have improved on the documented formula.

Blended ingredients
using quality controlled laboratory processing
Hermetically sealed airtight container
impervious to external influence

As we know, during her lifetime, Rene Caisse never charged for her formula, and lived only by donations from those who could afford it. This compassionate woman wanted her legacy to reflect her life's endeavor to make her recipe available at reasonable prices.

Evidence exists that before Rene Caisse died she made her formula known to other sources after finding the company she had trusted was not keeping its agreements, and was charging excessive prices.

Rene protected her formula from conventional medicine. In her opinion, it could have been altered, rendering it ineffective, or have access reduced by the pharmaceutical companies seeking to classify it as a drug as a reason to charge excessive prices.

We also sell Essiac Products, Inc.'s registered trademarked Essiac herbal supplement powder

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Essiac Essentials

Dedicated to old-fashioned neighborly service.  

It is gratifying to have won over so many friends and loyal customers since our beginning in 1991.

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