The best ways to market your property to sell

Effectively marketing your property is a critical part of achieving a successful sale. A well rounded marketing plan with a mix of different advertising channels such as internet, social media, signboards, local marketing and newspaper advertising all play an important role in spreading the word about your property and creating healthy competition among buyers.

Each different advertising method comes with a cost that must be factored into your overall budget and in most instances advertising or marketing costs are paid on top of any agent commission.

Creating a valuable marketing plan for your property

Marketing is often a considerable expense, therefore it is important to get it right from the start. An agent will prepare a marketing plan in conjunction with the home owner to ensure maximum exposure is given to the property and to reach as many potential buyers as possible. The most successful marketing plans combine a mix of different media such as internet sites, social media channels, signboards, print advertisements, letter box drops, email marketing to name a few channels. Working out what is best for you and your property should be discussed in conjunction with your agent – they know the market and how best to reach it.

Professional Photography, video and copywriting

In most cases the first thing a potential buyer will see is an image of the listing either on line or within a newspaper, therefore the best way to grab someone’s attention is to use a professional photographer who is skilled at capturing the best features of a property. With 86% of potential buyers* using online as their main tool to search for properties, making sure you have high quality, accurate images for the property will help your property stand out from the crowd. Video is also increasingly popular and an excellent way for potential buyers to get an accurate feel of the property.

It is also important to use the skills of a good copywriter to describe your property. They are excellent at writing engaging and accurate text that focuses on the properties features along with any potential lifestyle benefits. This text along with a floor plan drawn to scale will appear right across your property marketing so it is important to get it right.

Signboards in front of the property

Street sign boards are the cornerstone of property marketing. They enable you to showcase the features of the property and as they are positioned out the front of the property, are one of the best ways to capture local buyers who may not be actively seeking a new property but are willing to purchase when the right property appears.

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